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 Alysrazor Practical Guide

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PostSubject: Alysrazor Practical Guide   Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:25 am

**If you are looking  for short story, look at second post**

Hello every body
In this post I tried to make a practical guide and dedicate duties of whole members of raid.

The encounter with Alysrazor is fought in a round arena and is made up of 4 stages:

Stage One lasts 3 minutes and sees a few raid members fly after Alysrazor to attack her while the rest of the raid deals with 2 types of adds in the arena.
Stage Two lasts 30 seconds and requires the raid to regroup in the arena and avoid Alysrazor's damaging abilities.
Stage Three lasts between 20 and 34 seconds during which an immobilised Alysrazor takes 50% more damage and DPS caster have mana-free casts.
Stage Four lasts 25 seconds during which Alysrazor is freed from her bonds and does very damaging attacks on the raid.
Once Stage Four has finished, Stage One simply starts over. The fight goes on until Alysrazor is dead.

Stage One
When we engage this fight, at start boss will knock all back and deal Moderate damage. Healers should be warned that Whole raid need heal for 5-10 secs.
After that she fly near ground and deal very very high damage in front and spawn some Molten Feathers behind her, so all Must stand beside or behind boss.

(Molten Feathers)
Try to keep clear the path (line) that marked with white arrow in below diagram all the time that she is in sky.

Now lets talk about the duties of ppl who go in the air:
as aforementioned She will drop some Molten Feathers. 2 DPS (preferably hunter or mage) must take 3 of them (by clicking them, which takes no time and can be done while running), go in the air and fly behind boss.
In the air, Alysrazor creates Ring of Fire that lasts for 3 secs and something like firey FART Very Happy.
You have 3 jobs:

  • DPS boss
  • Fly through Ring of Fires
  • Avoid her fart

After 3 mins She cast Fiery Vortex, you have 15secs to get on the ground and remove your Wings of Flame before vortexes spawn, oherwise you fall and DIE

now lets talk about the duties for ppl who stay on the ground:
Whenever Alysrazor is flying over the arena, near ground, she will drop Molten Feathers. Picking them up gives a 30% speed increase and grants the ability to cast spells while moving.
Waite 2 person pick three molten feathers and then you click one and only one of them to run faster and cast spells while moving.
There are several adds that you should handle them all. Tanks and DPSs must split in 2 groups, one stay at left and take care of left adds and the other one go right and take care of  their's side.
1- Molten Eggs
After we start fighting, very soon two phoenix will drop 2 Molten Eggs
Tanks MUST run to eggs and stack on them. after some secs two baby-phoenix will come out of them.

2- Voracious Hatchlings
this adds love her mama and buff her mama with 1000% more damage but she deal massive damage so only Tanks must be her mama. Occasionally Voracious Hatchlings will become Hungry, whenever you see this debuff on Hatchlings Tanks must kite them over Plump Lava Worms and satisfied their baby.
Remeber this add is the first priority of Tanks (Leave others when you have baby)

3- Plump Lava Worms
This one is UNATTACKABLE and blow out fire in 360 degree/15 yards.

4- Blazing Talon Initiates
The first priority of the DPS is to bring down the Blazing Talon Initiates. The DPS at ground level should be split equally in an right and a left group. The right group takes care of all the initiates that spawn on the right side of the arena while the left group takes care of all the initiates that spawn on the left side of the arena.
Initiates will summon some moving-fire on the ground. avoid them.
Interrupt their Fieroblast and stun them as much as possible.

If there isn't any egg/Voracious Hatchlings tanks should help DPS for this one.
Anyone hit by Fieroblast will receive a DoT that can and should be dispelled. [color:0699=##33ffff](Healers Duty)

Stage Two
before stage two she cast Fiery Vortex. Thos ppl who click on three Molten feather, have 15secs to get on the ground and remove their Wings of Flame buff, before vortexes spawn, oherwise they will fall and DIE.
In this stage she continue flying over our heads and spawn lots of Tornado. ALL must stay away from center of arena and dodge the Tornadoes.
tip: If you're having trouble with tornadoes just chase one, and when you see one on your right pass you quickly switch and follow that one, super easy mode this way. The fire trail left behind by the tornadoes will NOT hurt you.

Healers will have to occasionally heal anyone who takes damage from the tornadoes. take one/two molten feather before stage two (when the boss is casting Firey Vortex) so you will have the ability to cast while moving and can continue healing normally.

This video will show how to dodge tornadoes easily

Stage Three
Alysrazor burns out and crashes in the middle of the arena.
In this stage there is only one add (Blazing Talon Clawshapers). All the others (DPSs and healers) MUST stack behind boss and dps her.
I repeat even healers Must attack boss.

Blazing Talon Clawshapers
Approximately 10 seconds into the Stage, two Blazing Talon Clawshapers fly in to help Alysrazor.
Tanks  must take this add immediately , and INTRRUPT their  Ignition.
With proper execution, Stage Three can last for a maximum of 34 seconds. We save TW/Heroism for this stage.

Stage Four
In this phase Alyrazor deal high amount off damage and  need to tanked while faced away from raid (thats why we stack behind boss)
Besides this, the strategy for this phase is straightforward:
DPS should focus on the boss.
Tanks need to taunt off of each other after 10-15secs. They also need to use all their defensive CDs to survive.
Healers need to use all their defensive CDs to keep the tanks up while also healing the rest of the raid

After 25secs Stage One simply starts over. The fight goes on until Alysrazor is dead.

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PostSubject: Re: Alysrazor Practical Guide   Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:28 am

Alysrazor Summary guide:

Since this fight is a bit tricky, I summed all the roles on all the phases to ease the life of new players to the fight or folks that may be having issues with some abilities.

Main phase
DPS (ground)
The DPS ground team is split in two groups that stay in an opposite sides of the “arena”, this team is tasked with Add handling on phase 1 and should only focus on that. - By adds i mean the casters, not the birds. Ranged may DPS the birds in between add spawns.
Every few seconds the add will attempt to cast Fieroblast this ability must be interrupted.
The adds are vulnerable to crowd control, its best to save interrupts for fieroblast.
Dont stand near the eggs!

DPS (Flying)
3 Feathers allows players tasked with sky duty to fly. Avoid the fire clouds while trying to cross to every possible ring of fire. When phase 2 is near make your way to the ground else your greed will make you fall from the sky and die.
Players on air duty can cast while moving.

Healer (Tank)
When tanking the hatchlings, tanks will take insane damage for a few seconds every 12 seconds when the hatchlings begin to tantrum, it is important to be aware of your tank health and to react asap.
Position: Near the tank, as far as possible from the middle of the room and from the cone of fire of the worms.
Tank healers should also try to heal dpsers that may be hurt in between tantrums.
Dont stand near the eggs!

Healer (Raid)
Raid healer job is to heal damage from adds and cleaves while trying to avoid the cone of fire from the worms.
Don't stand near the eggs!

Each tank will grab one egg, as soon as the hatchling spawns tanks should use they’re offensive cooldowns (Beserk, Avenging wrath) to ensure the adds die before phase 2.

Tanks should bring they’re hatchling to a worm only when its on tantrum. Tanks should also self manage the worms by splitting the room in two half’s to ensure every tank has 2 worms in the beginning of the fight.
When the 2nd worm is eaten, tanks should ready their defensive cooldowns since the next tantrum in unavoidable, as soon as the mob triggers the tantrum tanks should go to nearest worm, as rule of thumb, if a tank is already next to a worm the other one should move to the “free” worm.

Tornado phase
Run away from the tornados, grab ring of fire if that means you won’t get hit by a tornado in the process

Burn Phase Tactics
DPS Global (Burn phase)
Nuke the boss, save big cool downs for this phase.
If there’s a marker you should be standing on, please go there, else stay on the boss’s back.

Healer (Burn phase)
Attack the boss while he is on the ground (you regen mana), when he lifts be ready to heal the tank (use your big heals, don’t be shy) and any other raid members that may suffer from cleave damage.
If there’s a marker you should be standing on, please go there, else stay on the boss’s back.

Tanks (Burn phase)
Split accordingly, interrupt or CC the adds (stuns work), tank responsible for grabbing Alysra should be on her front (preference to warrior or druids due to charge to avoid raid cleave), the other tank should be on her back.

Rinse and repeat till the birdy is dead.
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Alysrazor Practical Guide
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