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 [HOW TO] Firelands - The Mini Event Before Alysrazor

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PostSubject: [HOW TO] Firelands - The Mini Event Before Alysrazor   Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:35 am

The trash pull before the Boss consists of two Blazing Monstrosity , two casters, hatchlings that will spawn a long the fight and two piles of eggs.

If the raid has 2 melee dps
Assign the birds to each melle, as soon as the fight engages melle must run to the birds and click on their necks. They can use the bird skills to change the range and place of the stream of fire balls. This stream of fireballs should be placed on the eggs that are in front of each bird.

Tanks should split duty on the casters, while the rest of the DPS team nukes each caster at the time. If the raid has the birds under control and killed the casters, they should try to stack and deal with the remaining hatchlings.
The birds are the last mobs to die

If the raid has only 1 melle dps
One of the tanks will have to control one of the birds, while the other handles everything alone. A ranged may also control the bird if the raid leader desires.

Shape-shifted players must get out of their forms before they can ride the birds.

Shaylene suggestion:

At Start the birds awaken , a bit later the adds from the eggs come. There is a fire circle animation on the ground showing where the fire balls are going to hit , so the idea is to constantly avoid the zone. At  some point the birds will constantly fire at the same place and some time they will hit at different place. Need constant movement to avoid the fire patch and AoE - ing the mobs down.
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[HOW TO] Firelands - The Mini Event Before Alysrazor
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