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 Lord Rhyolith: 10 Man normal

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PostSubject: Lord Rhyolith: 10 Man normal   Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:28 am

Hello everyone,

on the weekend I've spent most of my time with looking up Lord Rhyolith and I hope that I can display the gathered information in an understandable way below.

For starters, 80% of his health Lord Rhyolith will have to be steered by attacking his Legs and moving him into the Volcanos. After that, it is just a nuke phase for the last 20% of his health.








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PostSubject: Re: Lord Rhyolith: 10 Man normal   Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:06 am

Good job kaer
I want to add something which I copy/pasted from molten's forum:

Driving Lord Rhyolith is the hardest part of the fight. You can control the driving by having 2-3 MDPS in your raid with a Tank having a DPS off-spec.

As you do damage to the legs of Lord Rhyolith, depending upon the leg, he will start to turn in the direction of the focused damage. The maximum you should ever damage one leg is 2 bars of damage, and this is only if you need a drastic turn to get to the volcano of your choosing. Try to maintain half a bar or 1 bar while rotating him around the room, while taking him down to 0 bars each time you want to run through an active volcano. Remember if you are doing a hard turn to even the leg speed as you rotate otherwise you will overshoot the turn causing a possible wipe.
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Lord Rhyolith: 10 Man normal
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