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 Hunter in 4.3 by Bomen

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PostSubject: Hunter in 4.3 by Bomen   Sat Oct 19, 2013 1:57 am

All the credits goes to Bomen

So you rolled a hunter and you are ready for raid right?
Well good for you that you checked out this guide on how to play two of the most powerful hunter spec in cata.
First lets talk about the spec that is not really good in cata,MM while its burst outshines all the other class the MM lacks in sustained damage and thus he is in the bottom of the raiding list.

Now on to the survival hunter.He is a powerhouse.His ability to drop Extreme aoe or single target sustained dps allows him to be top of the dps meters.

Stat priorities:Agility>hit(until cap)>Mastery=Critical>Haste>Expertise. You should keep a balance between crit and mastery.

Shot Rotation:If a mob is at 80% or more and you have careful aim from marmanship tree the shot prority goes as such
Explosive shot>Black Arrow>Serprent Sting>Cobra shot>Arcane Shot

When the boss drops below that threshold Arcane shot take the place of cobra shot while it goes last.Always make sure that you have enough focus to cast explosive shot and black Arrow on cd

When Lock and Load procs: You should space out your explosive shot using a diffrent shot (or Disengage/Md) to prevent overlapping

If there are 3 or more Mobs stacked together your rotation should be: Trap Launcer-Explosive Trap>Multi Shot>Cobra Shot>Lock and load explosive

Strength's of BM hunter in pve.
Reliable disable:Intimidation
Lots of poppable dps increases: Beastial Wrath,Trinkets,Fervor
Ability to tame beasts w unique abilities eg Gore Hound who has the ability to TW your entire party/raid
Single target nuke/sustained
Weaknesses: Lower Kitability from Surv and MM
Far Less AoE(except if you have a pet that is a worm)
Pet can get killed twice

Shot priority is Kill Command>Arcane Shot>Cobra Shot.
if Target is at More than 90% hp and you have specce into careful aim(which you should) Kill command>Cobra Shot>Arcane Shot

Serprent sting should be applied after the first kill command but isnt part of Rotation
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Hunter in 4.3 by Bomen
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