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 Guild Mission, Objectives and general rules!

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PostSubject: Guild Mission, Objectives and general rules!   Fri Oct 18, 2013 4:52 am

The mission of the Outbreak guild:
This guild was created in order to provide friendly and supportive environment where everybody would feel welcome, where members could achieve their individual goals, make progress throughout the game, share their experience and help each other. The guild would like to make playing WoW an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Main goals:
1. Create friendly and helpful community
2. Make our members to be proud of being part of Outbreak guild
3. Make the guild to be recognized realm-wide for friendly and fun atmosphere
4. Learn to cooperate effectively as a group in order to master the team play necessary for any PVE progress
5. Make raids on regular basis in order to improve membersĀ“PVE skills, gear and make progress on defeating bosses

General rules of our guild concern expected personal behaviour and attitudes such as:
1. We expect all Outbreak members to behave toward each other on the principles of RESPECT, POLITENESS and FRIENDLINESS. We are here to help each other, because only when we help each other, our community as whole can improve.
2. Our officers have decided to devote their time to improve this guild, to provide stable structure to the guild, to solve guild matters and to run the guild efficiently on everyday basis. Thus they deserve a special amount of respect for all their dedication and efforts.
3. Arrogant, rude, egoistic and abusive behaviour will NOT be tolerated. Using curse words and insulting members is considered unacceptable also. It will result in immediate demote and eventually may result in kick off the guild.

General raid-specific rule:
In raids and dungeons all participants are subject to the strict DISCIPLINE and obedience of the leader. It is vital for successful completion of the raid or instance. If everybody is doing what they want, it would be a mess and nothing would be achieved. Members who refuse to comply with this rule and do not listen to the orders of the leader will be EXCLUDED from the raid/dungeon group immediately and it can also result in future exclusion from such events. We are searching for decent people who appreciate teamwork above all.
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Mission, Objectives and general rules!   Fri Oct 18, 2013 11:35 pm

I am not going to spam this post but I can't stop myself and don't say this:
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Guild Mission, Objectives and general rules!
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