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 The Bastion of Twilight - Ascendant Council's Tactics

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PostSubject: The Bastion of Twilight - Ascendant Council's Tactics   Fri Oct 18, 2013 2:37 am

Hello guys
In this post I'll try to tell everything you need to know to defeat Ascendant Council, the third boss of BoT. Since this is BoT and not a end-game instance, so I'm not going to post so detailed strategy. Also I believe in, short stories can adapt more attractive and ppl like it more than too long posts.
Here we go:

Phase one:
Councils in phase one should tanked away from each other.

RDPS focus dps on Feludius and try to stay away as much as possible.
MUST intrrupt by tank

For this spell I recommend one priest grip the tank. If we don't have any priest, tank must run away when Feludius is casting Glaciate and then, after cast, back and tank him.

This debuff should dispelled by healers immediately.

If you have this debuff, NO ONE can help you except you. Occasionally Ignacious jump above a random player and then run to his former position. when he is moving back and leaving a trail of fire in his path. If you debuffed by Watterlogg, you MUST to step on the fires for a second to remove your debuff.

MDPS focus on Ignacious.

Tank must face him away from the raid.

,Aegis of Flame, The most important spell of Ignacius and the probable reason of the wipes. when ever he cast this spell, he will rise up his shield and deal massive AOE damage to whole raid.
ALL the DPSes (Melee and Ranged) MUST nuke Ignacious until his shield broke.

Ignacious with his shield and the trail of fires

This debuff should dispelled by healers immediately.

We must try to get them both at 25% HP at same time, so we have easier fight at last phase.

Phase two:
Just like phase one, RDPS and Healers Must stay spread.

It is better that RDPS focus dps on him.

,Lightning Blast, during phase 2, Arion blink and move somewhere else in the room. After that he start casting Lightning Blast which should interrupt by Tank or an RDPS.

Whenever you see a yellow arrow above your head, You must run away from all the people and kiss a wall, then w8 for debuff goes off and then back to raid.

The most important ability of Arion which spawn tornado's around the room. These tornadoes when jumped into give you a debuff that prevents you from being hit by some abilities. We dedicate 40% of raid to jump into tornadoes and the rest need be healed by healers[/color].

MDPS focus on Terrastra

,Eruption. Whenever Terrastra cast eruption, Tank need to move the boss. the reason is, after each eruption, some spike will rise under the boss's feet and deal damage every one stand on them.

,Gravity Well, the most important ability of Terrastra which spawn some gray and well-shape things. We dedicate 60% of raid members to jump into them and take the debuff.

There is one more ability that we can ignore it, if we have good DPSes.

When either one of these guys hits 25% HP, they will halt the encounter, triggering Phase 3. Just like phase one we must try to get them both at 25% HP at same time, so we have easier fight at next phase.

Phase 3:
Elementium Monstrosity:
We save TW/Heroism and all of our CDs for this phase.
Elementium Monstrosity will send some players into air and then let them fall down.
A mage MUST cast Slowfall on the ALL the raid at the beginning of the phase. throughout the phase all the raids need this buff. If we don't have any mage, Healers must cast theirs shield on the people who sent in air.
Healers should be aware, those ppl who send into air need some hard heal. don't let them die.

Boss will spawn some blue slime above his feet which force Tanks to kite the boss.
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The Bastion of Twilight - Ascendant Council's Tactics
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