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 Guild Bank Buy/Sell

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PostSubject: Guild Bank Buy/Sell   Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:06 pm

(posted by Leyara)

The last two tabs of the guild bank are reserved for BoE items, obtained during Guild runs on dungeons and raids. First tab is for blue items and the second tab for epic items and epic recipes. The items are not available for taking like items from the other tabs - they are sold to the guild members. The gold prices vary from item to item, depending on the AH prices. All Embers, Orbs and Gold will go to the guild bank.

Blue Gear item - 1 Chaos Orb / Gold
Blue Weapon item - 2 Chaos Orbs / Gold / 1 Chaos Orb + Gold
Epic Gear item ilvl 359 - Gold
Epic Weapon item lvl 359 - Gold
Epic Gear item ilvl 378 - 1 Ember / Gold
Epic Weapon item ilvl 378 - 2 Embers / Gold / 1 Ember + Gold
Epic Recipe FL - 1 Ember / Gold

Also, discounts are available.
For rank Initiate/Warned - 0% discount.
For rank Member/Alt- 25% discount.
For rank Veteran and above - 50% discount.

For obtaining an item, please contact an officer who will tell you the exact price and will trade you the item.
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Guild Bank Buy/Sell
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